Freedom Fight: Title Quest weigh-ins at the Hard Rock Cafe


Freedom Fight 2008: Title Quest

Freedom Fighters and fans were in full force in Ottawa at the Hard Rock Café for the weighins for tomorrow’s Freedom Fight event that takes place at the Robert Guertin arena in Gatineau, PQ. UFC Vets Joe Doerksen and Evan Tanner were also present, being hounded by the MMA fighters and fans in attendance for pictures and autographs.

3 belts are on the line in the triple main event as local favorite and co-owner of Fit Fitness, Jason MACHINE Motard takes on the tough Stejphan Vujnovic who came down about 20 pounds the past few days.

Crowd favorite Mark BOOTS Holst looks to claim Freedom Fight gold and build off his winning streak by taking on Kris “Storm Shadow” Donaldson for the first ever lightweight Freedom title.

The Fighting major Andre Desrochiers takes on Ilya Woronowski for the vacant Freedom Heavyweight title. (We showed up at the weigh-ins at 12:30 and Ilya was already drinking, by the time he was signing his paperwork for his fighter license with the commission, he was almost falling off his chair. Thankfully he was cleared and made it through the weigh-ins without incident.) Will be interesting to see how this fight turns out.

The matchup with the most buildup on this card is the human transformer in Robin Black who made the transition from Rock star to MMA fighter, and is continuing to work hard on both careers. Hot off this fight, he is on a plane to Europe to go on tour with his band.

Robin had a TV show on Muchmusic in December, and there was an overwhelming response with anybody and everybody wanting to beat up the Glam Rock star. The winner of the “Who gets to fight Robin Black derby”, is Ontario’s Chris PITBULL Myra. Myra has had a tough go at 0-2 but has always been the smaller opponent in his previous losses, and is going to be fighting at his natural weight class of 135, so size will not be an issue for this fight. This fight has been planned since January, so neither fighter will have any excuses.

Another Star making his MMA debut on this card is Glen Kulka, the former CFL and WWE star. He has been working with Brent Beauparlant and is a BIG dude with some power. Wayne X MAN Xilon gets to introduce him to the sport. Wayne has knockout power in both hands and is no stranger to danger, gutting out his last win, digging deep where most heavys couldn’t. Kulka is a conditioned athlete and being a professional athlete, he knows the work and dedication any professional sport takes. Tomorrow night we’ll see if he prepared enough, but he has definitely done his share of promoting the event as his mug is on the cover of one of the local papers today. He was also happily doing interviews and signing autographs like a true pro. (Please note that Robin Black and Chris Myra = 1 Glen Kulka)

Ian JUNKYARD Dawe was set to fight at 135, but his opponent backed out within a weeks notice, and Scott Hammond answered the call to take the match. During the weighins Hammond’s girlfriend came to inform the promoter that he will not be competing. He was passing out and having issues cutting weight and went home. Ronin had a 135er who stepped up on a days notice and Ian being the pro he is, accepted the fight. Dawe looks to continue his streak with friend and UFC Vet Evan Tanner in his corner.

The on and off again rivalry between Markhaile SHOWTIME Wedderburn and Stephan Lamarche heats up, as these two don’t get along or like each other. This will be the most heated matchup of the night, and they will most likely be sharing beers together at the after fight party. Time will tell if they are heated rivals or friends by the time it’s over. (I predict they have a beer together afterwards no matter who wins.)

Nick the Lunatic Portieous comes back to the MMA world after a year and a half layoff. He was a hot rising star, until he ran into TJ Grant. He looks to get back on track and become the prospect he once was. In this unforgiving sport, you are always a win or loss away from being the next big thing, and this is exactly what Nick looks to do. If Irish Rob Tracey can pull off the upset, he will put himself on the welterweight map for top Canadian welterweights.

(155 lbs) Joey Ayres vs. Clint Martin

(170 lbs) Louis Phillip Carlos vs Chris THE FREAK Hulme

(145 lbs) Stephane Bernadel vs. Mike SWEATIE PIE Walton

Check out weighin pictures from our friends at Ultime Fanatic

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