Rampage goes on a Rampage!


Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Quinton Jackson is having the worst week ever as he gets his knee damaged, and his title taken last weekend in the main event of UFC 86.

Rampage Under Arrest

Rampage has been arrested today and has been charged with felony hit and run and felony evading arrest.  He was arrested without incident with cops having their guns drawn.

He was also driving in this truck while evading arrest.

Rampage Under Arrest

….Sucks to be Rampage this week.  Talk about going from Champ to Chump.

4 Responses to “ Rampage goes on a Rampage! ”

  1. Jason says:

    PoPo always giving the brother a hard time!

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  2. Jimmi says:

    LOL Serves him right!

    Would this have happened if he retained his title?

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  3. PIMPSTICK says:

    He would have still been in shape had he won. Instead he went on a depression driven crack binge trying to knock people out with the grill of his truck

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  4. Tom Rees says:

    I wonder how they found him, you can hardly tell that’s his truck.

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