Ultimate Cage Wars “Heatwave” Results


Keith Perrigon vs. Guillaume De Lorenzi

Fight starts out and they briefly exchange strikes and clinch. Lots of strength being used by both guys, Perrigon gets the takedown but is unable to mount any offence and they work back to their feet. De Lorenzi lands a hard hook that drops Perrigon and Guillaume lands a few shots as the referee stops the fight at 2:41 of the 1st round.

Justin Knox vs. Dwight Sutherland

Sutherland is from Peguis Manitoba and he had the loudest pop of the night as he had lots of friends and family in Winnipeg for his pro debut. He looks to be giving up a lot of size as he isn’t the biggest Lightweight.

The fight starts out and Sutherland gets the takedown right away. He pushes Knox to the cage nicely, but is unable to land any shots as Knox does a good job of tying him up. They get back to their feet and Knox gets the takedown this time into Sutherlands guard. Sutherland doesn’t take any damage while tying up Knox, he locks on a triangle and gets the tapout in the 1st.

Rich Bondoc vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Bondoc comes out and takes Tarec down immediately. He is landing some strikes but is caught in an armbar and verbally submitted at 2:18 of the 1st round.

The intermission had another Capoeira demonstration and a 10 minute belly dance. No offence to belly dancers, but there is no place for this at an MMA event. Nobody cared and it was boring after about a minute.

Dino Camire vs Anthony Romita

Anthony comes out and throws a few low kicks and lands a solid punch. Dino looks like he is planning to box, but doesn’t set up his jab, he gets the takedown but is soon caught in an armbar. He picks up Romita and slams him hard to the ground escaping the armbar, and is ground and pounding Anthony but gets caught in another armbar and is forced to tap in the first round.

Alexis Davis vs Kate Roy

Davis gets the takedown right away, and has Roy mounted. She is looking to trap the arm for an armbar, and goes for it, and appears to have Roy’s arm hyperextended, but Roy does a good job of defending, but Davis is persistent and knows she has the arm trapped and keeps it locked until Roy is forced to tapout at 3:09 of the first round. Roy wasn’t moving her arm too much after the fight but was still all smiles after.

Alberto Crane vs Simon Marini

Alberto Crane is a world champion and black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu, Simon Marini has been training Jiu Jitsu for 4 years and fighting less than 2. Alberto has only lost twice in his career, both in the UFC against high level opponents. Marini is the huge underdog in this fight, and I mean huge. Crane asked for a catchweight of 160, and he still looked small beside Simon.

Crane is going for the takedown off a clinch and Simon is staying up and landing strikes while defending the takedown. Crane eventually gets him to the ground, but Simon works back up before giving up position or taking any damage.

Simon lands a head kick and catches Crane, but Crane persists and tries for the takedown while Simon is having no part of that as he continuously sprawls and stuffs the takedown. Crane gets it near the end of the round and is working for a submission, but is unable to secure it and the round ends.

10-9 for Crane

Round 2 starts and Crane is looking for the takedown as Simon prevents the clinch by landing hard punches and not staying still. Crane is looking frustrated and starting to gas. Simon lands some hard punches and Crane is on the cage taking the punishment.

Round ends and Crane is really starting to look in rough shape as Simon seems to have more energy.

10-9 for Marini

Round 3 is ALL Marini and Crane isn’t even able to get a clinch, let alone a takedown. Simon is really able to pick his shots and he senses the finish a few times. Crane shows warrior spirit and doesn’t quit, but doesn’t stand a chance as Simon continues to land some hard punches that would have knocked out most people. Crane is bleeding a lot, and is able to last the round.

10-9 for Marini

I had it 29-28 for Marini, but it wasn’t as close as the cards depict. Simon was never in trouble, and had Crane almost out a few times. Marini looked better tonight against the experienced UFC vet than he did last time against a first timer. He showed he trained hard and was very prepared for this fight. I hope Crane just didn’t take this fight seriously, but was expecting a lot better performance out of him, and he looks to have a LONG road back to the UFC or any top tier organization after this match. It was a no win match for him, and he lost.

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  2. Keith Grienke says:

    Sutherland looked great. He had a full mount going there as well but did not land anything.

    Marini dominated Crane. Crane sole strategy was single leg, single leg, single leg. When he could not get it, he was history. I think the first could have went either way. Crane did get two takedowns (one of which he tried for submissions) but Marini did get him with a couple shots.

    Thanks cageplay.com for the tickets.

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  3. Coach Rob says:

    I am currently managing and co-training Simon Marini (You will see this kid in the UFC) In the mean time I am pissed that he didn’t knock Crane out…Simon is going to get a beating when I get my hands on him

    Coach Rob http://www.wfp.bz

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  4. Sutherland did look good, and I’d really like to see what he can do at 145.

    Marini is definately a solid up and comer, and can’t wait to see what he does next.

    Good work with him on the gameplan Rob! He has improved very fast and is going to continue to improve. He landed a very high % of strikes throughout the fight, and would have KO’d anybody else in the 3rd. Looking foward to seeing where his striking goes from here.

    Who is Simon doing his takedown defence and wrestling with? He was very Strong and dominant in that area also.

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  5. Simon Marini says:

    My wrestling, BJJ, MMA and a lot of my Boxing all comes from my awesome coach Bryan Edge of Cutting Edge Martial Arts and Fitness. Such an amazing coach, and great friend.

    Can’t wait to get more time in with Coach Rob as well, the few details he’s shown me show far have already done amazing things for me.

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