Ultimate Cage Wars Simon Marini Interview


We are less than a week away from UCW’s “Heatwave” and in the main event UFC Vet Alberto Crane is taking on Canada’s Simon Marini. Simon was gracious enough to take a few minutes out of his busy training schedule.

1) For those who don’t know who you are, tell us a bit about yourself. Where you are from, and how many matches you’ve had.

I’m born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. I’ve only been fighting for a little over a year now, but have been training in BJJ for the last 4 years. I’ve had 3 amateur, and 5 professional fights.

2) What does a typical week of training entail for you?

A day of fight conditioning and functional strength with my coach Adam Morden from Steel City Crossfit, rotated with a day of powerlifting. Taking 1 day off a week.

training with my coach and good friend Bryan Edge at cutting edge martial arts every night and mornings on the weekend. There we cover everything: BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA.

I also look to fit in extra training wherever possible. I’ll make trips out to various other clubs to get some work in with different guys, keep things fresh.

3) This fight is taking place at 155 pounds, what weight do you walk around at, and how is the weight cut for you?

After my last fight I got up to 193lbs. It was my first time fighting at 155 and so I knew I could gain a lot of mass, so combined with my strength and power training I was strictly adhering to my strength coach’s “all of it” diet… In which whenever I asked what I could eat he’d simply reply “all of it” haha

After getting back into the swing of things though my weight dropped easily back down to 180. I’ve been dieting for the last couple of weeks and am currently sitting at 170lbs.

Crane wanted a catch-weight of 160 for this fight as well. So I’m golden right now, this last 10lbs will be a piece of cake, pretty much all water weight.

4) Do you think you will be stronger than Alberto?

I KNOW I will be stronger than Alberto. I don’t want to sound cocky, but I will definitely be the stronger and better conditioned fighter entering into the cage that night.

5) He is a master BJJ competitor with some high level MMA experience, how do you plan on taking that advantage away from him?

He’s got to get me to the ground first. And I’ve seen his takedown ability, and it’s quite lacking. I’m going to make him hurt before, during and after every takedown attempt

Of course I’m not so stupid as to think we won’t end up on the ground at some point either. We’ve trained A LOT on submission defense and ground control.

6) He has improved his striking, and almost knocked out Pelligrino with a high kick. How do you plan to take him apart standing?

I’m very confident in my ability to destroy any advantage he may or may not have.

My striking has come a long way as well, it’s been the biggest part of my training for my last few fights.

My coaches and I sat down and dissected his striking skills, and we got a good game plan put together.

7) Winning this fight should really put you on the radar at 155. Where do you want to take your fight career.

All the way to the top of course. I can’t wait till I get to fight top level lightweights, that’s when this will REALLY get fun. Throwing down with guys like Sean Sherk, Nick Diaz, BJ Penn, Roger Huerta, etc. That will be awesome.

As far as organizations go, I want to be treated properly. Just like any athlete, I want to find a league that takes care of it’s talent, and somewhere that I can find some solid knowledgeable fans .

8) You don’t feel Alberto Crane is a top level Lightweight? He’s only lost twice in the UFC?

haha Yeah true. His only losses are against great guys in the UFC, but I still look at him as more of an amazing BJJ guy, not an amazing mixed martial artist.

9) We’ll this is your biggest fight to date, and we wish you luck. We’ll be there covering the event and look forward to your first Main Event!

Thanks. And to the fans, just be sure to remember the name, cause Simon Marini is going to be putting on some kickass fights in the future, fights you won’t want to miss!

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  2. Jason says:

    Excellent interview, Good Luck Simon!

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  3. Gloria Thomas says:

    I have every belief that Simon will go all the way to the top, and anyone that sees him fight and sees his determination as far as training goes will agree.

    Good luck Simon.

    Your biggest fan. G

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  4. Good job on your prediction. That was a HUGE win for Simon, and if somebody was watching that fight and didn’t know who either guy was. You’d never guess which was the UFC vet.

    Congrats to Simon Marini!

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