and Showdown Joe Ferraro


Unfortunately not everybody understands the order of operations in sports and Showdown Joe’s show on the Fan 590 last night was bumped and many people didn’t get a chance to hear it live.

I had the honor of being on the show again and as always there just never seems to be enough time. But we still somehow covered and what it offers, UFC’s Ultimate Fighter Finale, UFC 85, and why I picked Evan Tanner based on his sobriety, the state of officiating in the sport of MMA, how neither of us are Dana White.

We also both agreed that Thiago Alves doesn’t deserve a title shot yet, and why.

Be sure to check out the show here, and also be sure to check out Showdown’s Website for your latest information from the world of MMA.

Showdown Joe can also be seen on SportsNet covering and giving his opinions on the latest and upcoming UFC’s

We have been friends for a long time, say way before most people heard of this sport, and having the opportunity to talk with Joe on the air is a treat.

Bookmark his show and check it out every week!

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