Random UFC 8 Flashback


Random UFC Flashback

UFC 8 took place on February 16th, 1996 in Puerto Rico. They didn’t have weight divisions back then, so they had a David vs Goliath tournament where the first round pitted Larger opponents against smaller guys. (Some of the smaller guys then were 185-220 and the larger guys were sometimes 400 pound fat out of shape guys that the 145ers of today would smash.

At any rate after the first 4 fights, 2 Goliaths and 2 Davids have advanced, and up comes a Canadian! We were excited back then. His name was Gary Goodridge and he was a champion armwrestler and HUGE. He was taking on Tank Abbotts training and drinking partner Paul Herrera.

Who knows how this one is going to turn out, but since Gary was from Canada, and Paul hung out with Tank Abbott, we went with Gary all the way.

I usually cheered for the David in the David vs Goliath scenario, but this was a time you wanted the Goliath to win, and words cannot describe the craziness of how this fight went down.

Gary Smashed his opponent in 13 seconds in one of the most violent fight finishes to date.

Watch for yourself and tell me that wouldn’t have been crazy to watch live!

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  1. ben10dough says:

    LOL!! I remember seeing this video some time back. POUNDED!

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  2. No Doubt Ben, I still get a headache when i think of that fight. What a debut!!

    Did you see it live also?

    Couldn’t imagine getting KO’d like that and forever having that as your highlight reel.

    Go Canada Go!

    Gary is a good guy and deserved the win anyways!

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  3. Kevin Convery says:

    Big Daddy is one of the most exciting fighters to watch – I’ve seen some of his Pride videos and he’s a great ambassador for Canada for mixed martial arts.

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  4. And he’ll be returning to MMA this weekend for the first time in his home of Canada!

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