UFC 84 Keith Jardine vs Wanderlei Silva


One of the most exciting matchups on this Saturdays UFC 84 card is Keith Jardine vs Wanderlei Silva. Both fighters want another shot at Chuck Liddell or the Lightheavyweight championship and need this win to get there. Does Jardine win and get the respect he deserves, or does Silva win and prove to the world that he is far from finished?

Jardine is most effective when he can utilize his kicks and not be crowded. Wanderlei is all about crowding, which makes this a very interesting bout with the contrast in styles.

I believe Wanderlei will win this fight by violent KO and any new fans that aren’t aware of how dangerous this man is, will know in a hurry. He can’t afford to lose whereas Jardine can put up a great fight and still have his stock go up slightly. A loss for Wanderlei will certainly be a hint that he isn’t the fighter he once was.

Here’s a video I found showing some of Silva’s previous fights, as well as some video of Jardine preparing for this Saturday’s War.

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